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Friday, 27 August 2010

Folksy Friday

Good Evening and Welcome to this weeks Folksy Friday!

I'll start with 3 of my own items from this week, some really lush beads!
john cenajohn cenajohn cena

And now for my favourites from the A-Teamers this week,
ickleimogen, LeanneWoodsDesigns, Dachcrafts,
EsmeDodsworth, The Needleworks and SweetPyroAngel

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

Only a few days left now and we're already nearly at 500!

Hope everyone has a lovely sunny Bank Holiday and spare a thought for us poor souls who have to work!

Chezny x

Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday!!

Another week has passed all too quickly
(although it does mean another week closer to payday!)

Heres a few of my little Folksy offerings from this week,

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

And my picks from my fellow A-teamers this week!
A lovely bag by Lonely Hearts, cosy scarf by Bliss Knits, fun kiddies bracelets from JCU Designs ,
these bright fabric boxes by Forest Flower, funky moustache stamp by Skull and Cross Buns and these wicked Glass Bats from Diomo Glass

john cenajohn cenajohn cena
john cenajohn cenajohn cena

Some lovely items I think you'll agree!

Have a good week everyone!

Chezny x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

I want, I want, I want!!!

Oooohh!! Hope the sales fairy comes visiting soon cos look what I've found! :-)

The stunning top from Oasis will look lush with my skinny jeans.
The raincoat, also Oasis is just what I'm after for winter.
and I'm seeing woolly tights and boots with this dress when it starts gettin colder!

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

And I can't decide if this is really lush or really wrong? Answers on a postcard!

john cena

Best get making some pretty things to pay for my neglected shopping habit! :-)

Happy shopping!

Chezny x

Friday, 13 August 2010

My Favourite Word...SALE!!!!!

Well, haven't I been a naughty Chezny! Not been blogging for ages and not really making either. Thats all changed now though, I've jumped back on the wagon and will not fall off!

To celebrate my new found confidence I've decided to have a sale in my Folksy shop, 10% off and free postage until Monday morning!

Here's a little selection of some the bargains you can find in my shop this weekend:

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

Now time to share some of my fellow Folksters work, the listing club this month is called The A-Teamers,

Flo Elephant by Wolly Lakes, Copper&Cream Necklace by Maxine Veronica, New York Print by ialbert,
Pink Elephant Sun Catcher by Diomo Glass, Tibetan Silver Bracelet by Jinja Jewellery, Flower Earrings by WellyDog Designs

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

 Hope everyone has a great weekend, got a busy one myself so I'm off to have a cup of tea and prepare!

Chezny x