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Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday!!

Another week has passed all too quickly
(although it does mean another week closer to payday!)

Heres a few of my little Folksy offerings from this week,

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

And my picks from my fellow A-teamers this week!
A lovely bag by Lonely Hearts, cosy scarf by Bliss Knits, fun kiddies bracelets from JCU Designs ,
these bright fabric boxes by Forest Flower, funky moustache stamp by Skull and Cross Buns and these wicked Glass Bats from Diomo Glass

john cenajohn cenajohn cena
john cenajohn cenajohn cena

Some lovely items I think you'll agree!

Have a good week everyone!

Chezny x


  1. Lovely selection from the A-team.

  2. Thank you for picking my vampire bats! The fabric boxes are fab!

  3. Great choices, love the bat and the moustache stamp :)

  4. Lovely choices! Adore Diomo's bat!

    Natalie x