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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

2 Days Off! Woohoo!

Not really done much today apart from eat biscuits and throw a hissy fit because I've run out of loads of supplies and cant make anything for the Jesters! Oh well, I got over that rather quickly when I decided to cheat and set up a destash shop to get rid of some old stuff and make room for lots of lovely new stuff! This means I can still list every day but I dont have to stress myself out trying to make loads of jewellery which could mean compromising on quality as well. Ooh, was I rambling then? Sorry! Back to business!

I will now pass over to my celebrity guest to cut the ribbon (pink of course) on my new shop!

jonny depp

Yeah, I wish!

Heres todays items for all you crafty people!

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

And now for todays items from my fellow Jesters. I thought I'd celebrate my destash shop opening by featuring some of the Jesters with their own supplies shops.

Karens Beads, The Little Bead Box, MoodyStash

john cenajohn cenajohn cena

Right, off to get my dinner and watch t.v for the evening!
Night, night!
Chezny x


  1. Good idea to open a destash shop. I may do the same thing at some point. I like your swirly blue beads

  2. thank you for featuring moody stash and good luck with your destash !!
    I am doing a feature next month on any jester or august whatever ...will feature 1 a day or a week depending on how many I get:) ....let me know if you would like to be featured ......just wanted something a bit different in my blog to perk it up !!
    trish xx

  3. Thanks Gemma! x

    Trish- i think thats a really good idea, I'm definately interested! x